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How We’ll Work Together

Every client's financial situation and goals are unique. As your investment adviso representative, we can guide you with experience and a systematic process that equips you to make fact-based decisions. Here's a snapshot of what you can count on in our work together.

1 - Getting Started

First, you'll want to understand what we can do, and we'll want to explore the ways we can help you.

Attend a virtual or in-person educational presentation
to get an overview of what we do and our science-based approach.

Share information about your financial situation and goals
Next, we'll ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us learn more about you. Based on that, we'll have some relevant strategies and recommendations ready for you at our first meeting, so you can see right away if this is a good fit for you.

Meet to review your situation and objectives
The more we know about you, the more precise we can be in recommending solutions for you. In our first meeting, we'll discuss what you've shared so far, explore more about your future aspirations, and talk through our initial strategies and recommendations

There is no cost or further obligation to attend an educational session or for an initial personal consultation.

2 - Assessing your Risk Tolerance

It's also critical to make sure we both understand how much risk you're comfortable with taking as you make investment decisions.

Want to know your Risk Number®? You can take advantage of the Riskalyze assessment platform. This innovative technology helps determine your Risk Number, which we can use to optimize investment strategies for you.

Learn About Riskalze

3 - Putting Strategy into Action

Prioritize objectives and set benchmark goals
People often try to accomplish too much at once, or don't set deadlines for their goals, so they miss the mark. We want you to be successful -- so we help you break down financial goals into specific objectives with benchmarks. You can then look at available resources and decide which goals are realistic, and if any need to be adjusted, scaled down, or let go.

Develop tailored strategies and recommendations
Based on our conversation and analysis, we design your financial blueprint, with recommendations on insurance and financial products that may be the appropriate fit for your situation. We're passionate about educating investors, so you can count on gaining the understanding you need to make confident, well-informed decisions.

Monitor progress and support you over time
As your needs and situation evolve over the years, we're here for you. We'll adjust financial strategies to keep your program on track for your future goals.

Coordinate activities with your other financial advisors
We can also help handle certain insurance and financial activities for you, by coordinating with your team of financial, tax and legal advisors.


Let's talk strategy for your financial future
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