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Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) Employee Support

As an independent investment advisor representative with offices in Colorado and New Mexico, Zach Engraff has a long history of working with employees at the Los Alamos National Lab.

Understanding unique financial planning needs of LANL employees

We help you explore a broad range of investment options, as well as opportunities and strategies specific to LANL employees. And we understand you may have unique concerns, such as:

  • Estimating your pension and how that fits into your investment strategy (e.g., TCP1, TCP2)

  • Understanding retirement options (e.g., TRIAD 401k, in-plan 401k Roth conversions)

  • Considering insurance needs (e.g., permanent life insurance, long-term care insurance)

Helping you make informed decisions

Working with us, you can count on clear, practical guidance that educates you on the math and science of investing. Our goal is to ensure you really understand the WHY behind your options, so you can make confident decisions for managing the risk and rewards of your portfolio.

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