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Are you on the right track for the financial future you envision? At Buffalo Financial Strategies, we work closely with you to create an investment portfolio and insurance plan tailored to your unique situation and personal risk tolerance.

As an independent investment advisor representative of SCF Investment Advisors in Denver, CO and Los Alamos, NM, Zach Engraff can guide you with strategies and the latest technology to help work toward your financial goals.

Dynamic Financial Planning

We use powerful interactive tools to help you explore different scenarios and decisions for financial needs, including:

  • Wealth management
  • Retirement planning (e.g., TRIAD 401k, TCP1 & TCP2)
  • College funding
  • Estate planning
  • Tax-efficient strategies
  • Insurance (e.g., long-term care, permanent life)

Simplify money management with the Wealth Portal

As our client, you'll also enjoy access to the Wealth Portal, a premier online platform for money management and financial planning. In a simple, consolidated view, you can see your entire financial universe in one place, updated automatically.

It's a great way to move beyond spreadsheets with streamlined, time-saving tools - and you can receive regular email updates.

I think people in my profession have done a great job of telling people what to do and a terrible job of teaching them WHY. Whenever I meet with a client, my goal is to ensure that not only do they understand what we are discussing, but ultimately I want them to be able to teach it back to their friends.

-- Zach J. Engraff, AWMA - Investment Advisor, Buffalo Financial Strategies

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