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What’s your Risk Number?

Riskalyze - What’s your Risk Number?

Understanding your risk tolerance is key to helping you make investment decisions that are the right fit for you. Your comfort level with risk might factor in your family situation and time to retirement, as well as your current lifestyle and what you want for the future.

Working with Buffalo Financial Strategies, you can take advantage of a leading risk assessment platform called Riskalyze. This scientific technology helps you determine your personal Risk Number® – which enables us to tailor your investment strategies to meet your needs and expectations.

Discover Your Risk Number

Optimizing your portfolio with your Risk Number

As a starting point for designing your portfolio, your personal Risk Number quantifies the suitability of a portfolio to your specific risk tolerance. We then adjust your portfolio based on other important factors, such as your age, income needs, taxes, economic outlook, etc.

Riskalyze also enables us to analyze the risk of each individual investment in your portfolio along with the entire portfolio. For instance, does your portfolio Risk Number match your personal Risk Number? Are you comfortable with the risks and rewards of your current portfolio?

Using a practical, scientific approach can help clients make better strategic decisions.

Learn more about Riskalyze

Riskalyze is the world's first Risk Alignment Platform, built on the scientific framework known as “Prospect Theory” that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002. Prospect Theory describes the way people use probabilities that involve risk, where the probabilities of the outcomes are known.

To explore probabilities, Riskalyze uses objective math instead of subjective questions, to achieve nearly 96% accuracy in determining an individual's number for investment risk tolerance.

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